How to Begin

Please note: Unfortunately, due to high demand, the clinic is not accepting new patients at this time.

Thank you for your interest in seeing an ACPC therapist. Before applying, please note the following:

  • If you are accepted as a patient you can expect to see your therapist for up to two years on a once or twice weekly basis in psychoanalytic therapy. Your therapist will be glad to talk to you about your specific questions and concerns about this approach and what you can expect from therapy. While you are in treatment, your therapist is receiving weekly consultation from a senior clinician about her/his work with you.
  • The Clinic does not have the resources to help people that are or have been recently suicidal, are actively abusing or dependent on alcohol or other substances, or are currently required by the legal system to engage in therapy. Our Website lists some low cost resources that are appropriate if this is the case. However, persons that are in solid recovery from chemical abuse or dependency can benefit from the services we offer.
  • In order for the Alliance Community Psychotherapy Clinic to continue its mission to provide psychoanalytic-informed psychotherapy to underserved individuals in the Puget Sound region, we do not accept applications from individuals who currently have private or employer-provided mental/behavioral health insurance or are currently enrolled with a community health agency and are eligible to receive case management or therapy services. In addition, the Clinic and its therapists do not accept medical coupons or other third-party reimbursements for fee payment.